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Dart Leagues & Tournaments

Tournaments Darts

Tournaments you may qualify for by playing Dart Leagues at Biffs:

  • MOMA - Minnesota Operators of Music and Amusement
  • Superior Vending Regionals
  • NDA if you played in a NDA sanctioned league - National Dart Association
  • WAMO if you played in a WAMO sanction league - Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators
  • MSPDA - Metro State Players Dart Association
  • Superior Vending Mid-Season - La Crosse, WI

Dart Leagues Now Forming!

  • Sundays - 2 person non-handicapped - Starts May 15th at 4:00 PM
  • Wednesdays - Singles - Starts May 18th
  • Thursdays - 2 person non-handicapped - Starts May 16th

All leagues are combo 501/Cricket

All leagues start at 7:00 PM unless noted


Contact Darlene Asher at 763-784-9446 or



  • No upcoming events.